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Gern f. built The UHW Studio around The United Steel Workers of Montreal’s debut album, “Broken Trucks and Bottles”. He designed the UHW Studio with the aim to provide recording opportunities for local independent bands. Since then, a number of successful recording projects have been launched out of the studio by many of the same Montreal bands The USWM has played alongside.

  • Producing

• Recording

• Promotion

• Mixing

• Editing

• Mastering


• Digital Transfers

• Voice-Overs

• Radio   Advertisements

The United Steel Workers of Montreal

Andre Kirchhoff

The Ladies of the Canyon

Ryan Shearing


The Slaters


The Cains

Mikko Mikkonen

Throbbing Purple

David Pearce

Little Birdie

Word of Mouth productions

Penny Hamer



May 26, 2006

Canadian Music Week
March 8, 2007

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Tel.: 514.935.6968 E-Mail: uhw@urbanhandedworks.ca